Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Children In Need

The 17th November was Children in Need day.
Pupils and staff at Springhill Catholic Primary were allowed to wear spotty accessories, socks or tights with a suggested donation of £1.

We raised an amazing £480!!
Our thanks to Miss Sherry for organising the event.
Freya, Shelly and Matthew Year 6

Key Stage 2 Assembly on DEMOCRACY

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

An application to become a school council class representative

At the beginning of the new academic year pupils are invited to apply to become class representatives for the school council.
This is Gregory's (Year 6) application.

I think school council is important because it gives children a chance to give their opinions, which means they might be able to change things in school for the better for the children. I would like to contribute to this system.
I am not only enthusiastic about school council, I am packed with ideas. I have a loud, fluent voice but I am good at listening and can take on board other people's opinions and give feedback.
I am also fair, not always choosing friends' ideas but choosing the best ideas.
They'll never see the end of me. Yes, it might give me extra homework. Yes, it might give me more to remember. Yes, it might make me miss break times, but no matter!
I personally believe everyone in this class is capable of greatness and I am definitely one of them.

Gregory 6HC

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Shakespeare Rocks


Year Six, have put on an end of year production called: ‘Shakespeare Rocks’. It is a musical comedy with some puns and surprises. 
 By Ysabelle and Alexis
When putting on a production there is a lot of preparation beforehand, such as: making props, designing costumes and lots of practice and rehearsals.

At first, auditions took place to select the different roles. We auditioned in groups and the following day we found out which part we had been given. The main part was Shakespeare and his part was played by two children (Perez and Nacho) both performing on different days. William’s assistant, Ollie, was played by a confident actor - Jack.  As it is a musical, there were a multitude of songs to learn. We then introduced actions to the songs, while we waited for the stage to be built, ready for rehearsals. 

Meanwhile, the Year Six staff created unique Elizabethan style costumes, that were very realistic, that added to the final results. The music teachers put together a group of talented recorder players to perform  music from that period, at the start of the play, to produce the right atmosphere. Soon, all the small adjustments were made and the play was gradually coming together.
To complete, the stage was built and rehearsals took place there every morning before half eleven. If there was time, we would have a quick run through in the afternoon.
Finally, on the 12th of July was our first dress rehearsal to KS1 and we could identify what we need to alter before our real performance. When the day came, everyone felt tense and nervous as some drastic changes were made, however the audience laughed and truly enjoyed the play. Donations were made to help pay for the props and printing ink at the end. All in all, the play went extremely well and the two performance we put together were described as inspiring and hilarious. It has been a great end of year experience and I am certain everyone would love to do it all again!
                                                                      By Juliet 6KA

Green sleeves -Sharmine 6HL
  Cantiga - Recorder Group                                                               


Monday, 13 June 2016

Primary Schools Athletic Competition

On the 7th of June, 2016, a group of us went to Southampton Sports Centre to take part in an outdoor athletics competition. I took part in the high jump, 150m sprint and the 4 x 100m relay. As a member of year 6, I was taking part in the upper school age group.
In the high jump I was very nervous because I had trained for the high jump only once and that was three weeks' ago. Also, I had only jumped a metre high, so to reach 1.15 metres was a big achievement for me. I ended up winning the high jump because the girl in second place could not make it over the 1.15 metre bar in three tries.
In the 150m sprint I came second to last because I am not a runner. When I participated in the 4 x 100m relay, our team (Emily, Layla, Holly and myself) came sixth out of nine schools that were in our heat.
What came as a surprise to me was coming first and winning a medal in an event. As well as this, I was 7 cm from breaking the record for high jump.
Winner of the high jump event

Olivia 6KA

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Boys' 6-a-side football tournament

On Thursday 19th May we played in a Boys' 6-a-side football tournament. In the group stages we won four games and drew 4 without conceding a goal! The semi-final was a close match (0-0) and it went to penalties. Unfortunately, St. Monica beat us 3-2 and we finished fourth overall.

Boys' 6-a-side football team
Dominic 6HC